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A lot has changed over the years, but COMING OUT still carries its own unique set of challenges no matter who you are. Films include: AFTER THAT PARTY: Leo had never imagined he would see his Dad kissing another man in the middle of a party... Until it happened. Now, with the help of Carol, his best friend, he has to find the most perfect way to tell his Dad that he found out about his secret. BLIND CHANCE: In a lonely motel room, two boys who came out to their parents form a special, self-affirming bond. CANCER IS GAY: Based on first-time filmmaker Macaulee Cassaday's real life. Maggie is 17 years old, fresh out of the closet and going through cancer treatment. While getting chemo Maggie escapes by rewatching the same bad lesbian movie. When she meets Jesse, a fellow teen cancer patient, she plunges into an imagined affair that further distracts her from reality. ELIJAH: A queer teenager struggles to come out when she makes a miraculous discovery: her grandfather was once in love with another man. Armed with the newfound knowledge, she convinces him to take on the challenge of telling their family together. ELLE: Set during the late 90s in Southern California, 16-year-old introverted Elle finds herself in love with her best girl friend who is about to move away. GRADUATION: Following a graduation celebration, four Chinese must navigate their relationships' future as dictated by the circumstances of life and their families. HANN: Andri, an anxious teenage boy, hides and represses his sexuality in fear of his masculine father's reaction but, on the eve of Andri's first date, he finds a clever way to reveal his secret.

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