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This is a compilation of short films featuring, one way or another, the world of Drag! Included are: LIPSTICK AND LEATHER explores the “alt-drag” community in the nation’s capital, and how these performers are spreading their influence across the east coast. THE FABULOUS (BUT VERY SERIOUS)LAS VEGAS WEEKEND: In the shimmering light of a crooked disco ball there are men putting on lipstick and stuffing their bras. Inside an idling tour bus women are checking their mustaches and adjusting their neckties. They come from all over, for just one night a year, to strut their stuff in the bright lights of Sin City. Welcome to the annual F(BVS)LVDW! What IS the F(BVS)LVDW? Why, it's the Fabulous (But Very Serious) Las Vegas Drag Weekend, of course! Suit up, dress up, and get tucked for a wild ride with the amateur kings and queens of fun-loving gender confusion as they descend on Las Vegas and prepare for their big charity show on The Strip. THREE QUEENS: Three down-on-their-luck drag queens work out some interpersonal drama as they get ready for a show. But it isn't the kind of show you're expecting. These queens are hilarious, and they're packing heat. THE MAN IN THE DRESS: A short documentary that explores themes of identity, self-image, and masculinity through the eyes of a drag queen in downtown Toronto. POOR US: POOR US is an award-winning comedy web series about two gay, fraternal twin brothers who are cut off by their filthy rich father and are forced to rebuild their lives in hell, or as it’s better know: Van Nuys. Not drag, but "with drag."

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