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Gay runners, a lesbian boxer, an intersex rower and a trans woman footballer, all on one team! Can you imagine them? They are athletes whose lives are unseen - unimaginable to society. In recent years, LGBTIQ+ people in sport have become more visible yet so many still stay in the closet, especially in professional sport. Amateur LGBTIQ+ sports clubs exist around the world with a huge increase in the last 30 years. These groups provide a safe space for LGBTIQ+ athletes with diverse identities. The film portrays 5 protagonists from 4 different countries, each disrupting amateur sport with their gay, lesbian, trans and intersex identities. They talk candidly about their sports journeys, their individual experiences and their private life. Giving LGBTIQ+ athletes visibility helps to break down barriers of ignorance and discrimination. Sport has the capacity to be inclusive, overcome prejudice and to empower marginalised groups. Game on.

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