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The process of hooking up with another person is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes just plain strange! Check out this compilation of shorts that includes: BLUE SUIT: When a surprise party interrupts his plans, an anxious man has to find a private moment to confess his feelings for his friend before he moves away the next day. CHINX: Chinx is a journey into the strange, challenging, and often discriminatory world of online hookup culture. Our guide is Del, a 40-something Filipino, stepping out into an unfamiliar dating landscape after years of singlehood and “self-discovery” to find gay hookup apps a place readily designed to exclude people like himself. DON'T FRIGHTEN THE HORSES: Jesse desperately wants to hold Derek's hand, but he soon remembers that a bus stop is not a safe space for public displays of queer affection. A suggestive glance between them becomes more than they bargained for. True love takes courage, but in LA no one is braver than a gay who eats carbs. ERIN: After finding a lost letter, an astronautical engineering student seeks escape from 1960s academia by becoming pen-pals with a mysterious Brit; when they finally meet, he must decide what's more important, reality or fantasy. JUST ASK HIM: An out high school kid gathers the courage to ask the hot soccer jock to a dance. MIKE & SETH: Adapted from the acclaimed play by Daniel Talbott, MIKE & SETH explores the long-standing relationship between two childhood best friends. When Seth, the best man, arrives to town for Mike and Emily's wedding, the boys spend one last night alone. Seth is haunted by memories of his and Mike's complicated past. The night reveals secrets, privilege, and fear of what's to come. Are we deserving of our desires if we can't face our betrayals? STALLS: Jonathan goes to the restroom in the middle of an opera performance. He has a very specific mission. He takes off his marriage ring and opens the secret golden glory hole hidden inside one of the stalls. Now, he waits for someone to come in so he can be on his knees. His heart accelerates as each new guy comes into the restroom. Finally, after taping his feet in what looks like a tap-dancing sequence he is able to find another man willing to give him what he wants. YOURS MINE OURS: When a man in a loving relationship reconnects with a special someone from his past, he experiences turmoil when old feelings return to the surface.

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