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Sometimes shorts don't fit into a particular grouping. That's what these are: Fun, well-done and fabulous, they cover a variety of topics: A SUBLIME FAILURE: David Schmader reflects on his twenty year obsession with the notorious Hollywood flop Showgirls. HONEY DO LIST: A HANDYMAN STORY: Honey Do List continues Walter and Frank’s story from the award winning film, The Handyman. Walter’s honey do list piles up & Frank is too busy to do the fixes, a new sexy handyman arrives with an agenda that isn’t exactly on Walter’s fix-it list. Can Walter resist this new temptation? OUTDATED: Gay dessert blogger Warren joins a colorful crew of losers in love at dating group therapy. PERFECTLY FRANK: perfectly FRANK is a short documentary chronicling the life of Frank Vilardi a retired accountant from Long Island, who after being married for nearly 50 years, came out in his late 60's. PORN YESTERDAY: A film about how terrible adults were at hiding porn and how good we were at finding it.

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