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This compilation of shorts turns the tables on everybody. Expect the unexpected with: BETTER GET CHECKED OUT: Lindsey and Trish are faced with a life changing surprise that threatens their relationship. FRUIT FLY: A young woman with a habit for falling for gay men enrolls in a performing arts school in the hopes of having her feelings reciprocated. There, she finds herself the center of a love triangle while starring in a production of Twelfth Night. GOOD BI KISS: When Scott returns to the apartment he moved out of several months ago to pick up some important items he left behind, Christine, his ex-fiancée, confronts him about his sexual identity, why their relationship ended, and what it will take for each of them to move on. HEALTHY MIND: Three sexually active college freshman students that face new sexual desires and experiences that come with a cost. HER PLACE: Set in a 1950’s instructional video, a loving housewife eagerly prepares for her other half’s return from a day’s work on the police force. But her perfect world unravels when she awakens to a future far removed from mid-century nostalgia.

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